Sustainable fashion brand made in Barcelona

Ten years ago I started my own brand of ethical fashion. With the Virginia Rondeel Collection I offer an alternative to the fast fashion industry.

After working for some years as a designer in the fashion industry, I became aware that I did not want to create fashion in a social and environmental harmful way like most fashion brands. I started to imagine a eco-friendly way of garment design. I wanted to create a true sustainable clothing brand. My motto was, and still is: reduce, reuse, recycle. My brand had to be environmentally friendly.

Over the years, this idea resulted in a way of working that is sustainable as well as ethical, a way of creating fashion that steers clear of damaging the planet and exploiting people with low living wages and bad working conditions. I didn’t want to form part of a way of producing without social justice. It became also clear to me that a lot of people started to be more conscious and searched for a way of sustainable living and started looking for eco-friendly products.

But, apart from creating a sustainable and ethical set of clothes, I wanted my collection to be innovative in design. I wanted it to be exquisite and unique. Ecological fashion should be beautiful.

My collection is for women as well as men. Most of the clothes are gender neutral. The jackets, the pants, the overalls, the sweaters and t-shirts, the skirts, why, even the dresses look good on men, if they are fashionable and brave enough. I think that everyone should wear what they like and not be judged by others. But I believe that, whatever they wear, it has to be responsible clothing from a sustainable brand.

All my designs are based on discarded men’s shirts. The fashion industry produces a lot of textile waste, and the best thing you can do is recycle. It goes without saying that such shirts have to be in an excellent condition. I turn these shirts into high quality pants, dresses, skirts and overalls, and I am proud to say that I did succeed in creating what I had in mind. Virginia Rondeel Collection is an urban style of ecological fashion, streetwear adapted to the times we live in. All garments are unique pieces, made in Barcelona. I use only sustainable fabrics like recycled shirts, fabrics from recycled fibers and deadstock material, with a minimum carbon footprint. My supply chain is in Barcelona.

During these years, I have noticed that the more obstacles you encounter, the better you become as a designer. I strongly believe that my way of approach is not only an ethical alternative to fast fashion, but a challenge to show the best of you as a creator.

I make all my designs in my studio/shop in Barcelona´s Born district, near the Picasso Museum, Santa Maria del Mar and the Born Market. You are more than welcome to visit me there and see my collection for yourself. You will find a variety of sustainable products such as pants, skirts, dresses, tops, jackets and bags that will make perfect eco-friendly gifts for yourself or for a beloved friend or family member.

Virginia Rondeel, sustainable fashion designer from the brand Virginia Rondeel Collection, for sale at: Post-industrial Fashion Shop, Barcelona, Born district
gender neutral sustainable skirt created from 3 discarded shirts combined with a a re-designed shirt